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Atis is a conglomerate design practice with multiple locations & projects across the globe. 

We are all about Humane Holistic Design. Which means that the starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which our design will be used. It also means we approach every project as a whole, from its greatest scale and context to its finest detail. 

Our aim is to carefully craft experiences meeting the needs and aspirations of clients and users, by fully utilising our expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Urban, Landscape, Interior, Environmental and Industrial Design. And that is exactly what we achieve in all the different sectors we work on, from sustainable Masterplanning to private Residencies, from state-of-the-art Hospitals to luxury Hotels & Resorts, from Cultural facilities to Bars & Restaurants.





We are emphatic on delivering what we promise, so you can be certain that 'what you see is what you get' (be it realism on renderings or elsewhere).

Fully integrated teams from within the practice that comprise architects, structural and environmental engineers, together with many other specialist designers, develop innovative strategies that are bespoke to each project, site and user. These close-knit teams see the projects they take on, through to completion, thus providing continuity throughout.

Every project builds on our past experience combined with new ideas and is audited against global standards. We always consider the built environment as a totality and apply a truly integrated approach to responsible design.



In line with our continuous efforts for the best possible level of services, and as a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Practice, we have chosen to procure our projects according to the RIBA Plan of Work 2020.


The RIBA Plan of Work 2020 organises the process of briefing, designing, constructing, maintain, operating and using building projects into a number of key stages recognised be a plethora of professionals of the sector worldwide, achieving in that way the maximum efficiency in the collaboration of the project’s team-members. The content of these stages may vary or overlap to suit specific project requirements. More information here (pdf)




Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working, which provides everyone working on the project with accessible, accurate data. It leads to better communication, greater efficiency, more precise programmes and estimating and reduced risk. BIM is ranked in Levels according to the percentage of the project information that is procured using this process.


At Atis we have readily embraced this dynamic tool, always striving to improve our overall delivery process, and we are currently capable of procuring projects at the high BIM Level 2.


More information on BIM Levels can be found the NBS website here:




We are passionate about sustainability. According to the most widely-known definition, that is ‘development that satisfies the needs of the current generation, without endangering the potential for future generations to satisfy their own needs’.

Atis has formulated practical and cost-effective strategies for mitigating environmental impact, reducing energy consumption and leveraging natural resources to enhance the human quality of life and minimize operating costs.

We have provided valuable input to several BREEAM or LEED Certified Projects. Ask us how we can help you apply these approaches to your project too.

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